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In the era of sustainability, steel comes assuming a key role in construction because it is reusable and environmentally friendly.

With that in mind, EVEHX has developed a system of metal shoring with easy assembly that gives speed and optimization to the work without damage to the environment. The slabs can be flat or ribbed (with or without the use of prestressing), and the metal parts are protected (painted or galvanized), providing greater durability and allowing its use in other ventures, with less generation of debris piles in construction sites.

Main advantages of metal shoring

• Lightness and poor variety of parts.
• Easy assembly and handling.
• Does not require skilled labor for operation.
• Simplicity: use a small amount of pieces.
• Simple mounting of anchors and metal towers.
• Security: projects designed for all kinds of structure.
• Economy and convenience: works with less spacing between anchors.
• Speed: shorter assembly and dismantling time of the shoring forms of the slabs.
• Ecologically friendly product with little use of wood.