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Entities follow up vote on the Curitiba Master Plan

Four of the approximately 35 entities that participated in the construction of the project of the Curitiba master plan and propositions of the Councilors to the Executive’s text followed up the first day of discussions, in the session this Monday (5). Representatives of the Regional Chamber of the Boqueirão, of the Alliance for the Legalization of Housing, of the Front Mobilizes Curitiba and Civil Construction Industry Union in the State of Paraná (Sinduscon-PR) praised the opening of the Town Hall to the popular participation in the debates, started in April last year, even before the Protocol of the proposed law.

Carlos Modesto Dias, Vice President of the Regional Chamber of the Boqueirão, wielded a flag in the galleries at the Palácio Rio Branco. “Our goal is to ask for the support of the City Council for approval of amendment [032.00166.2015] establishing a simplified settlement in buildings in an irregular situation. The measure will benefit thousands of constructions of the neighborhoods of Curitiba, residential and commercial, “he said. One of the problems, he mentioned, is the front setbacks. “Why only large works, such as shopping malls, can use it?” he said. “We are asking for help. This simplified settlement will benefit the city of Curitiba, it will receive in TAXES. “

Another entity present since the beginning of the discussion of the master plan in the legislature, the Civil construction industry Union of the State of Paraná (Sinduscon-PR) was represented by the architect Mariane Romeiro. “We participate actively in the discussions, with ideas for both the project as for amendments that will be adopted,” he pointed out. The main expectation, he said, is the review of issues related to urban mobility and density. “Both the population and entities are happy with the opening given for participation in the discussions.”

Member of the Front Mobilizes Curitiba, Bruno Meirinho also followed the discussion in plenary. “The audiences here have been very productive. The plan presented by the city, in our opinion, was limited, took very little of what the population said. However, there were many ideas received [in the form of amendments], as for the land property regularization and access to public transportation, “he said. The challenge, is taking the guidelines and innovations of the paper: “we believe the document is pretty generic. It is not self-administered. Proactivity is required for this to become a reality “.

Other entities

Paulo Rafael Fritzen and Yuri Stremel, organizers of the Citizenship Spring movement, followed up for the first time a session of the City Council of Curitiba. “Our movement wants to close the gap between citizens and politics. We want to create this culture of people actually monitoring the politicians who represent them, “said Fritzen. “We want to start monitoring all sessions, regardless of what is being discussed, and today coincidentally it is the master plan,” added Stramel.

Representatives of the municipal directory of the Sustainability Network also gave their opinions on the project. Municipal party Coordinator, Marcelo France stated that “the overall plan is good, but will depend on the implementation, what happens in practice”. “Could improve primarily on issues facing the environment and public transportation,” he added.

To learn more about the revision of the master plan, visit the hotsite.

Source: https://www.cmc.pr.gov.br/ass_det.php?not=25502#&panel1-1