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Welcome to EVEHX. We are a dynamic and innovative company that for more than 16 years has been offering advanced solutions in prestressing and shoring for all kinds of works. Our strategic vision has caused us to become pioneers in the application of non-stick prestressing in southern Brazil

Located in Araucária, Curitiba metropolitan region, Evehx has a headquarters with more than 5.000 m ², housing the training center for prestressing and shoring, the cut center, stalling and wire rope rating and also the center of manufacturing of prestressing and shoring equipment.

We present strong performance in Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, as well as partnerships in key Brazilian States. Prioritizing the quality combined with technology, we forged strategic alliances with companies like Embraco and Arcellor Mittal.

We have one of the most modern prestressing systems of Brazil and we prove in practice the superiority of this technology in relation to traditional reinforced concrete structures.

Evehx also stands out in the rental of shoring systems for any type of slab (solid, ribbed, flat, reinforced concrete or prestressed).

All our activities and processes are carried out based on the principles of sustainability. We are committed to offer green products, with the minimum use of wood.


The story of the prestressing system began in 1924, when the Frenchman Eugene Freyssinet employed the prestressing in warehouses with large spans. Only in 1950, the concept of prestressed concrete gained momentum, especially after the establishment of the FIP (Federation Internationale de la Precontrainte). Also this year, Finster Walder built the first bridge in successive cantilever. In Brazil, the first work produced with prestressed concrete was the bridge Galeão in 1948, in Rio de Janeiro, with inputs imported from France. Four years later, the Siderúrgica Belgo-Mineira, Arcelor Mittal today, started in the country the manufacture of steel for prestressing.

In 1997, began in Brazil the production of varnished and laminated cordages. This technology was a big step for the construction market, particularly for structural designers and builders. At the time, the non-stick prestressing with greased wire rope was widely used in the United States and Canada, since it featured several advantages compared to conventional systems, mainly in residential and commercial buildings.


Betting on the new system, the non-stick prestressing, the Impacto Sul sent its engineers to the United States to specialize in this process. At PTI (“Post Tensioning Institute), we had an important learning about the technology of prestressing and also started a partnership with ADAPT-Structural Engineering Consultants in San Francisco, California, one of the largest companies in the world in development of programs and calculation for non-stick prestressing. In this way, we become a pioneer in the use of this technique in southern Brazil and today our products are present in works scattered throughout the country.


Undoubtedly, the construction system in non-stick prestressing is quite simple and does not require a high number of beams. There is a good reuse of forms, ease and speed in execution.

At Tecnicalc, we have done more than 1.2 million m² of prestressed slab in non-stick and stick systems. Sure, the prestressing greatly facilitates the execution of the projects. In addition, the cost of the prestressing system, mainly for spans between 6 and 8 m, is more economical than the solution in reinforced concrete.

Eng. Moacir H. Inoue
Tecnicalc Structural Consulting and Projects




Taking as an example a building in which the modulation of the pillars has 8.00 x 8.00 m spacing, it is possible to adopt a structural system in non-adherent prestressed concrete with solid slab thickness around 20 cm, for the same building, the system adopted was of conventional structure in reinforced concrete, beam height would be approximately 60 cm. The solution with solid prestressed slab results, in this example, a reduction of 40 cm the distance from floor to floor. If the building has 22 slabs in conventional structure according to the limited maximum height, with the reduction of structural height provided by the prestressed slab solution three more floors could be built, which would generate important gains to the enterprise. The technical staff of Procalc executes projects of slabs in adherent prestressed concrete since 1974 and non-adherent from the year 2000. Currently, our projects are carried out largely by Evehx, which provides specialized and experienced labor.

Eng. Rogério Carvalho
Procalc Estruturas



The prestressing has being increasingly used in the execution of industrial floors, because it presents numerous advantages compared to conventional reinforced concrete floors. The process of fitting the armor becomes quite simple and fast, in addition to savings in the execution and low maintenance cost.

Another advantage in using floors with prestressing is the possibility of execution of large concrete panels without the use of traditional construction or expansion joints. These joints, used on a daily basis, generate as much damage on the ground, and the operation cargo equipment (forklifts).

As designers, we need serious companies that perform all the determinations that we put in the projects. This is the case of Evehx, a skilled and reliable partner that meets all the technical requirements.

Eng. Sergio Doniak
Fhecor do Brasil Engenharia


Impacto Sul developed a plastic Panel (Plasterit) for use in flat slabs that can replace the traditional plywood on the number of uses. This system has an easy-to-use shoring process, perfectly integrated with the plastic panels, which results in a good productivity. It also has the traditional “buckets” of polypropylene for use in ribbed slabs, prestressed or not, besides shoring for all kinds of slab that are great partners of prestressing processes, one of the company’s specialties.

Eng. Msc. Nilton Nazar
Hold Engenharia



In Evehx we have as standard the following items:
• Follow the project up with precision during the work. The interferences and doubts are communicated and discussed with the structural engineer through the responsible.
•  Our anchors and wedges are rigorously tested, giving total security to the service provided
•  We have a machining center for manufacturing and maintenance of our equipment, which are cautiously tested.
•  Any problem with the system is treated with great attention and responsibility, so that the security provided by the structural engineer is always hit.

•  Monitor, improve and implement the most modern construction technology, especially the use of prestressed concrete
•  Guide and to offer its customers the best solutions in technology and cost/benefit.
•  Increase the number of skilled engineers to design on prestressed concrete, especially in non-stick system.
•  Become the Market Benchmark.
•  Excellence in the quality of its services through the training and development of its staff.
•  Make the process known throughout the community linked to the construction industry: architects, engineers, teachers, builders, students and contractors, demystifying the prestressed concrete as an expensive process, complex and hardly accessible